HALL of FAME – 2015 (Official events review)

The Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine

HALL of FAME Gold Awards – 2015

The official review from Dragonwriter (UK) – AKA – Dave J. Lomas!

The 26th 0f April 2015 saw the 5th, and what many regarded as the best so far, HALL of FAME Gold Awards held by Martial Arts Illustrated magazine publisher Mr Bob Sykes.


The event was held at the famous Burton Upon Trent Brewery Centre in what many would regard as the heart of the UK and was attended by some of the top martial artists, from various fighting styles and disciplines, from around the UK and beyond.

The entire event was a sleek and polished affair, as you would expect of course from such a famous gathering of people, and the entire evening had a true noticeable feel of camaraderie and respect for each other throughout.

There was a true sense of warmth, and even love I must add, to the entire event that helped to promote the feeling of being a member of a true martial art family without any politics, or other forms of negativity, getting in the way.

It was a delight to see people meeting up in such a positive and cordial atmosphere and an even greater delight to see old friends meeting up again and making some new ones on the night.

Along with some famous names and well established martial artists going up for an award we had people like Bob Breen, Andy Norman, Peter Mogridge, Ade Rhodes and regular columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine John Broughton there, but to mention a few, being given recognition for their ongoing efforts.

To say it would be impossible to name all those famous faces in the room would be an understatement to say the least so I will not attempt to.

The awards themselves were conducted in two parts with a very impressive display of martial arts by Emil Martirossian, as part of the evenings entertainment, including songs from the ‘Jersey Boy’ while those attending enjoyed a very nice sit down meal before the second part of the awards continued.

The evening also included news of future projects and a new HALL of FAME website to be launched in the near future.

Some inspirational, and at times very moving, speeches were made by some while collecting their awards and the evening ended on a high with Judo legend Neil Adams and the well known, and very popular, competition fighter Alfie Lewis coming up on stage to the delight of everyone.

Bob Sykes and Paul Barnett, and the rest of the HALL of FAME team, had clearly pulled out all of the stops, as they say, to make this the 5th and best ever yet ‘HALL of FAME’ evening to remember.

I am sure that all of us will wish them well in their future efforts and I am sure we will be all looking forward to the next HALL of FAME in the future.

Written for, and on behalf of, The HALL of FAME Awards
and Martial Arts Illustrated magazine – 28th of April 2015

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